Lessons from Tahoe

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I recently visited Lake Tahoe for the first time. The lake and the surrounding landscape were amazing, based on what I saw on our drive in and out of town. I can’t wait to go back this winter and actually enjoy all there is to see outside of the casinos…with my feet on a snowboard!

Though I didn’t get in the water or on a mountain trail, all the time spent indoors paid off in the end – because I hit the jackpot in terms of the experience that I took away from the conference.

The brothers Vaynerchuk (GaryAJ) put this whole Tahoe Tech Talk shindig together and had a few things in mind: Quality & Interaction.

It worked.  Just as they intended, the primary contributor to the awesomeness of this “conference” was the caliber of people involved. From the well-knowns to the nice-to-meet-you’s, the people were simply great.

No doubt, there were far too many inspirational discussions to cover in one post, so I will touch on some of them over the next few weeks. Also, in case you’re interested in reading even more on the conference, Zack Shapiro has been writing (much more actively) about his experience from the perspective of The Startup Student.

Some of the big ideas I plan on covering here include:

  • Connecting with and Caring for the Customer – “You gotta give a fuck!”
  • Commentary on “Why Not to do a Startup

Please leave a comment if you have specific questions about the conference, or if you happened to have been at #TTT and would like to contribute your thoughts!

Also, big thanks to Micah for the lift to/from the Reno airport – it was great hanging out!


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